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Powerful Broadcasting & Conferencing Tool

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For iOS and Android Devices

Fill in your e-mail and get a starter guide for the Glamster App

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Totally Optimized

Powerful Broadcasting & Conferencing Tool With Unlimited Participants

  • The Broadcast feature allows you to send a message or media to several contacts simultaneously. The smart group feature allows you to create private or public groups with unlimited participants for free. Be in full control over who can join
  • the visibility history
  • and edit chat permissions.

Getting started takes less than 5 minutes

Download your smart Glamster app here:

AppstoreGoogleplay * Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android & Desktop Version
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Chat, Broadcast & Transact On Your Terms.

Simplify your messaging needs with unique free app features while benefitting from an advanced end-to-end encryption.

Glamster Accounts
Very easy creation of a Glamster account via e-mail
Contact request
You are only connected to the person whose contact request you accept. You can block at any time
TOP videocalls
Unlimited Video Call with up to 50 persons on Desktop already possible
Unlimited Broadcast
Unlimited participants for Chatgroups and broadcast
Fast Registration
Very fast registering process with an email address
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Receive Calls Desktop to Mobile & Mobile to Desktop

Mobile & Desktop App
Whether you are using the Glamster Mobile app or have just downloaded the Glamster Desktop app, you can place a call to both applications.

Make and receive calls from your Glamster Desktop app or from your smartphone, the choice is yours.